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patrick harkins

Yesterday we heard some fantastic news. Michael Edens is going to be promoting a Nashville summer crit series!  We don't have all the details yet, but it sounds like the races will be at the fairgrounds, and that they will be on the oval that we use on Tuesday nights-with some turns added, so we won't just be racing around in a teacup.  The thing that is the most impressive is that Michael says that he's been getting calls and messages from people all over, wanting to help or be involved. That's what we love about Nashville and the cycling community.


Anyway, it sounds like Michael has a whole series in mind, and is starting soon-May 14th! We'll keep everyone up on the details as we hear them, but in the interim definitely hit up Music City Crits on Twitter. And when you see Michael, tell him what a fantastic example of humanity you think he is. RKB