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Nashville, TN 37212

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patrick harkins

CLASSES! We'll be doing them at Red Kite, starting bright and early Tuesday morning ay 6!

These classes will be on-bike structured training that will be useful for:

-Triathletes getting ready for a certain long event in Chattanooga in the fall

-Cyclocross folks who want to start getting ready for the season(it'll be here before you know it!)

-People who like riding bikes and who want to get a targeted edge on some fitness

-Anyone else that we haven't mentioned who might be interested in getting fit(or getting more fit) and who like to get up early


We're going to start with Tues-Thurs, 6-7 am, starting Tuesday 5/20/14


-A bicycle

-A towel

-A water bottle

-Anger. OK, maybe not anger. frustration? Issues that need to be worked out? Be ready to work-put it that way.

Kidding aside, we'll have trainers set up for you to ride. If you have a power meter or a heart rate monitor, bring it and we'll use it. If not, we have heart rate monitors for you to use.


Eventually we'll do these classes(and others) on a subscription basis, but for now they'll be FREE. That's right-FREE. As in best price ever. As in don't cost nuthin'.

CALL US at 615.942.6218 or email Patrick at with any questions or to reserve a spot-we have limited space!