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3201 Belmont Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37212

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patrick harkins

We've had a growing number of people stop by the shop, poke their noses in, and ask what we're up to. Which we love. We even enjoyed talking to the nice lady who was so disappointed that we weren't putting in a Jewish deli. We're just excited to be a part of the neighborhood we both love.

Once we tell people that we're going to be a bike shop, usually they'll ask what kind of shop we are or are going to be.  It's a natural question, since most bike shops are pretty easy to categorize...high end road, triathlon, mountain; etc. And it's of course a question that we've thought about a lot. Obviously, both being road racers, high end road is something we specialize in. But Shannon said it best when he said that he wants to have something for everyone in his family. Shannon loves to race on the road and the dirt. Shannon's wife Jessica has a great sense of style and likes to ride around the neighborhood instead of driving when she can. Their son Elijah probably rides more on his little mountain bike than the rest of us put together. We have something for everyone in the Williams family.

The way I think about it is: what kind of bike people do we welcome and hope to help?


-Are you a commuter?

-Are you someone who sees the bicycle as a tool for fitness?

-Do you love to ride your bike past people looking for a parking spot?

-Do you see your bike as an avenue for escape? For adventure? For self-discovery?

-Does riding a bike make you feel like a kid again?

-Are you looking to make YOUR kid happy?

-Are you looking to do your part to reduce traffic and help the environment?

-Do you see a bike as a tool for winning races(or maybe hurting your friends on the local group ride)?

-Did you recently catch the bike racing bug, and now it's all you can think about(we understand)?

-Are you an engineer type that appreciates the simple transfer of energy that a bicycle allows so efficiently?

-Are you an artistic type that appreciates the beauty and clean lines of a well-made machine?

-Are you a triathlete that is looking to explore your limits(or where your limits used to be)?

-Is this seeming like Jeff Foxworthy?

-Are you thinking about maybe one day riding a century? Maybe across the state? Across the country?

-Do you love the sport of professional cycling, despite all of its ridiculous problems?

-Are you a bike messenger?

-Are you excited about the new trails in Percy Warner and wanting to get out and try them?

-Do you want a bike to help you look(and...let's face it: act) younger?

-Do you make your vacation plans based on where the riding is good?


If you are any of these people....come see us. We have something in common. And we have something for you. Unless you're looking for a Jewish deli.