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3201 Belmont Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37212

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We're classy...

patrick harkins

More classes!  Starting Monday, June 23rd, we will be offering a core strength/flexibility class. Class will got from 6-6:45 AM on Mondays, and will be followed by an optional bonus run. This class will be led by Kathy Mead; if you know Kathy, then you know that this class will be spirited/challenging.

WHO: Anyone. This class will be perfect for any and all kinds of athletes(especially cyclists, triathletes, runners), or for folks who are interested in general fitness.

WHEN/WHERE: Monday, June 23, 6AM/Red Kite-1605 Gale LN

WHAT TO BRING: Towel, Water bottle, yoga mat if you have one.

WHY: You know why. Don't sass me.

Call or email with any questions. 615.942.6218/


See you soon!