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patrick harkins

CLASSES! They're starting up again in October. We'll be doing 6 classes/week: at 6-7AM and 6:30-7:30PM PM on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. The format will be:

Tuesday: This will be structured, periodized training based either on HR or power. Perfect for: roadies/triathletes looking to stay fit/get fit for next season, or for anyone looking to add structure to their training.

Wednesday: Not for the faint of heart. This will be short, hard efforts, designed to maximize strength and recovery. Perfect for anyone racing cyclocross, training for a midwinter/early spring event, or just looking to add strength over the offseason.

Thursday: Dealer's choice. We'll mix it up a bit on Thursdays-there will be a mix of what you get on Tuesday/Wednesday, with some power/hr training mixed with shorter efforts. It'll change every week to stay fresh. Perfect for anyone looking to get a sweat and get/stay fit!

COST: $80/month gets you in any class you want. $20 per class 'a la carte'(that's french for 'over there by the cart' or something like that. anyway, that's the one class cost).

Call the shop (615.942.6218) or email (info@redkitebikes) with questions.

See you soon!