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Nashville, TN 37212


Revolution Endurance

A podcast about any and all endurance sports. Focused on the Southeast, but we're interested in talking to any endurance athletes we can get to sit down with us.

Jess Ratcliff/Cayce Tiesler/Harpeth Youth Cycling

Shannon Williams

Jess Ratcliff and Cayce Tiesler are super interesting folks. Aside from being fast on bikes themselves, they run a High School Mountain Bike League composite team-Harpeth Youth Cycling. They came by to talk about their individual stories, the growth of their group, whether or not they met at Intelligentsia Cup or Tour of America's Dairyland, and what they have up their sleeves for the future. Enjoy!

Greg O'Loughlin

Shannon Williams

This is one of our favorite podcasts. Aside from being a guy that's had his life changed by the bike, Greg is a teacher and Tennessee High School Mountain Bike League coach-he helps coach the Oasis Center Cycling team. He came by to share his story as well as to talk about the high school league in general and the Oasis Center team specifically. If you don't know much about either(or even if you do), this is a must listen. Enjoy!

Marshall Bassett

Shannon Williams

Marshall Bassett is one of the co-promoters of the legendary Hell of the South road race. He's also been riding and racing bikes since the 80's. Since 2017 is the last year Hell of the South is going to happen, we used it as an excuse to have Marshall by to chat about his race, the good old days of rigid forks and hiking boots, and what's happening in TBRA. The audio got cut a bit short due to technical difficulties, but you can get the picture. Enjoy!

Walle/Housler, Book 2

Shannon Williams

First return guests! Brendan and Patrick were kind enough to stop by and tell some stories from their early season racing, which has been ridiculously successful. If you want to know what things have been like at the pointy end of all the big races so far this year, look no further. This was also our first morning podcast, which may explain the length(at least one of us was overcaffeinated). Enjoy!

Danielle and Jonathan Minton

Shannon Williams

This was a fun one. Danielle and Jonathan are two of Nashville's faster long course triathletes. We wanted to have them in for a chat because Danielle qualified for Kona in 2016(she raced last fall), but they're fun to talk to in general because, in spite of them both juggling demanding careers and massive training volume, they manage to keep it fun. Enjoy!

Jesse Lawler

Shannon Williams

This one's a keeper. Jesse Lawler is a retired professional bike racer; he started his career with the Zaxby's pro team out of Athens, which rolled into the legendary Jittery Joe's team. Jesse was on Joe's for its entirety, transitioning to a DS role after he hung up his wheels. Jesse was kind enough to stop by, have an espresso and share stories about(among other things) leading out one of the fastest sprinters in the country, banging shoulders with Olympic track racers, and making deals with Chris Horner. Enjoy!

Ryan Sullivan

Shannon Williams

Ryan Sullivan has raced a bike all over the world: in his native Tasmania, Italy, France , Switzerland, China and the US. He came to the southeast to race for the last edition of the Athens-based Jittery Joe's team before heading to Lebanon to race for Cumberland University while finishing his education. Ryan was nice enough to stop by, have a few beers, and share some stories about racing in Europe, crashing with Heinrich Haussler, penny-farthing races, mononucleosis, and a variety of other topics. Hearing stories from Sully is always entertaining; we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording.

Olaf Wasternack

Shannon Williams

Olaf Wasternack is one of the more accomplished ultra runners in the southeast. He's been fast on his feet since he was a kid running in East Germany, but now that he's older and possibly insane, he has been trying his hand at longer distances-MUCH longer. He was kind enough to stop by, have a beer, and share some of his stories about his running life(and one or two about his detour into bike racing). Special thanks to Steve Smail, who loaned us a nice microphone to record this episode with. If it sounds good, thank Steve.

Brian Toone

Shannon Williams

Brian Toone is an exceptional athlete. There are not many folks around that can do what he has done, which is to win hour-long criteriums AND finish top ten at the Race Across America(RAAM). Brian was kind enough to sit down with us(he rode to Nashville from Birmingham) and discuss bike racing strategy, finding time for mega-miles, riding with jaw wired shut, and his plans for RAAM 2017.

Andy Reardon

Shannon Williams

To anyone who is into cyclocross in Tennessee, Andy Reardon doesn't need any kind of introduction-he's been the fastest guy on dirt for the last five or six years. He's dominated most of the local races he's shown up for, but he spends most of his time at higher level events(like Masters Worlds, where he podiumed in 2012).  Andy was kind enough to spend some time with us over the holiday season and give us his thoughts on a variety of topics. We talked about training vs. racing, UCI points, racing in China, and the importance of Jason Guzak.

Rochester Mafia(Brendan Housler and Patrick Walle)

Shannon Williams

Patrick Walle and Brendan Housler are two of the fastest guys in the Southeast. They're both coaches, they race for the same team, and they both moved to Nashville from the same place. They were kind enough to take some time to discuss training, racing, group rides and what's in the water in Rochester.

Todd Nordmeyer

Shannon Williams

Todd Nordmeyer is the owner of Endeavor Performance, Nashville's premier indoor bicycle training facility. He's also a highly sought-after coach and Retul bike fitter. But what we discussed when we sat down was Todd's racing career: Todd was probably the most dominant bike racer to ever pin on a number in Tennessee. We talked about his early days racing, his time racing in Italy, the successful years back here at home and why he chose to hang up his wheels when(and how) he did.

Tony White

Shannon Williams

Tony White is Nashville's resident pro triathlete. He's also a new dad, realtor and swim coach at NAC. Despite that busy schedule, Tony took a few minutes to sit down with us and discuss his unusual path to triathlon, training, numbers, and the difference between UK and KU.

Chris Korbey

Shannon Williams

Chris Korbey is the man behind our favorite photosharing app, Arcivr. He's also designed everything that's even remotely cool that has the Red Kite logo. He was kind enough to take a break from making beautiful things to discuss growing up riding a bike in the Northeast, his experiences in collegiate cycling, and how kids react when their dad knocks himself unconscious at a skate ramp.

Ashley Whitney

patrick harkins

If you're a triathlete in Nashville, you know who Ashley Whitney is.  Aside from being the owner of a gold medal from the 1996 Olympics, she's the most sought-after swim coach in town. She was generous enough to sit down with us for a long chat about her young life and path to the Olympics, staying competitive, and what to do when you accidentally leave your gold medal on the roof of your car.